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Who Should Write the Foreword for My New Book?

*clears throat*

Listen up all you fellow lugubrious lemmings. Frankie V. here slinging some straight talk your way about this upcoming book of mine.

Expecting an early 2025 release. Yea, not long after *cough* is sworn in as US President.

The cover? Some of you helped me decide on it. So thanks. I like it, but if you don’t, it’s better than that regrettable lower back tattoo some teens get after their third break up.

As for the book description, it’s hopefully more enlightening than your typical online dating bio, but I’ve been wrong before. I think it reads like a Star Wars movie trailer, and well, Star Wars didn’t exactly fail at the box office. And it does capture the essence of the narrative.

Now … would you like to know who I’m asking to write the Foreword? Buckle up, because this is where things get juicy.

On second thought, I’ll reserve that knowledge for the archangels. I want to hear who YOU think I should ask to write the Foreword. (Johnny Depp and Taylor Swift are off the table.)

Put on your big kid pants and get ready, folks. This book is going to be one wild ride through the New Testament.

Oh, and DON’T get the old edition. It’s horrible compared to this new one. If you have it, throw it out. It’s too flawed for Goodwill, even.

For the both of you who see this post, I’m all ears!

Give me ONE NAME of a person currently breathing (that rules out my short list of F.F. Bruce, Gordon Fee, A.W. Tozer, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer) who you believe would be the best person to write the Foreword.

Here’s the book description from the publisher followed by the cover we chose.

Experience the New Testament Like Never Before

One famous scholar said that reading the New Testament letters is like hearing one end of a phone conversation. The Untold Story of the New Testament Church (Revised and Expanded) reconstructs the other end so you can understand virtually every word.

Seamlessly weaving the narrative of Acts with the Epistles, you’ll discover a coherent story enriched by intriguing details of first-century life. This unique and innovative presentation of the New Testament unlocks its epic story in a way that will leave you breathless and equipped to understand the Bible like never before.

Though it’s non-fiction, this masterpiece reads like a cinematic experience and it will captivate your heart by putting you in the center of the drama. Drawing on the best of contemporary scholarship, Frank Viola includes background information about the people, cities, and places that are mentioned throughout the New Testament, all in an engaging narrative.

As you dive into this riveting volume, you will . . .

  • Gain an intimate glimpse into the lives of apostles Peter, James, John, Paul, and their colleagues.
  • Uncover the events that inspired each New Testament letter, shedding new light on every line from Romans to Revelation.
  • Meet the key figures who shaped the world, like Priscilla, Apollos, Lydia, Luke, John Mark, Phoebe, Aristarchus, and Epaphras.
  • Witness the dynamic tumult of first-century churches, individuals, and events as they unfold vividly before you.

Prepare to be ushered into the living, breathing atmosphere of the first century so you can uncover the hidden riches contained in God’s Word.

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