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Frank Viola
3 min readAug 19, 2021

Welcome to a special edition of Beyond Evangelical, the only blog that tested positive for being his mother’s best-looking son.

After an eight-month break, I’m back. Your withdrawals have ended, and you can expect a fresh article every Thursday.

Before I get into the “urgent” news, one of the secret projects I’ve been working on during the long break is a new book which just released.

It’s called: HANG ON, LET GO: What to Do When Your Dreams Are Shattered and Life Is Falling Apart.

The cover is stunning and the interior design is elegant (thank you, Tyndale).

I wrote this book because over the last 5 years, virtually all of my friends — and people I’ve interacted with over email, social media, and in conferences — have been knee deep in yogurt.

They’ve found themselves in a first-class health crisis, relational crisis, and/or financial crisis.

Some of their trials have been so horrific that they can be described as their worlds caving in, their dreams on the verge of shattering, and the sky falling.

In my own personal life, several loved ones have endured serious health crises which produced enormous strain on everyone involved.

Let me share what the book is NOT about before I share what it IS about and how you can benefit from it. And also why you want to get a copy THIS WEEK.

It’s NOT a memoir or autobiography. Consequently, I don’t get in the weeds about my own trials (this would also breach the privacy of others, especially as it relates to health crises). The publisher and I felt it would serve readers best by keeping the focus on them rather than on myself.

That said, I get more personal in this book than any other I’ve written, particularly in describing the feelings, struggles, and thoughts I’ve had in every trial I’ve faced. I also disclose a struggle I’ve had with anxiety from which the Lord delivered me.

In short, I bled on the pages.

Second, it’s NOT a book about the grieving process. Despite that, a good friend of mine who lost his teen son in a car accident said the book helped him.

So what IS the book about?

Hang On, Let Go explains in practical detail how to get through what you’re going through. It demonstrates how to navigate a crisis where the outcome is uncertain.

The book relates to every kind of trial any person seeks to weather. The goal is to provide God’s people with a practical field guide for navigating, surviving, and even thriving through their personal storm.

On the website at the bottom of this update, you can freely download the first part of the book and listen to an extended interview where I answer interesting questions about the content.

There’s also a supplemental course for those who are walking through the southeast corner of hell right now and want further help. (The course is called Surviving Your Storm.)

In short, if you — or someone you know — is going through a personal firestorm in their life, I believe this book will be of enormous help.


As promised last year, because you are a subscriber, we’re making an exclusive bonus available to you. But it’s time-sensitive (hence, the subject line “urgent”).

If you order a copy of the book — whether the print, digital or audio version — write to bonushangonletgo@gmail.com and put in the subject line “I BOUGHT THE BOOK.”

You will receive an audio session from the supplemental course as a “thank you.”

Just make sure you check all your folders (Promotions, Spam, Junk, Other, etc.)

The bonus offer ends next Friday, August 20th.

Go to HangOnLetGo.com and download the taste-test sampler and check out the interview, as well as get ordering information and check out the supplemental course.

Until next Thursday,

Yours in surviving and thriving,


Psalm 115:1

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