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Frank Viola
2 min readApr 22, 2024

Welcome to another Thursday UNFILTERED blog post, the only blog that thanks its arms for always being by its side, its legs for always supporting it, and its fingers because it can always count on them.

The best insights come through experience.

A listener labeled the guidance I offered in a recent podcast interview as “sage advice.” Since the advice was born out of hard-won experience, the term fits. Though I’m not sure how “sagy” I actually am. I prefer parsley.

Anyways, I was a guest on a show tailored to Christian men in ministry and business. In it, I discussed what I believe to be critical insights for all leaders and creators, both women and men.

While the context was faith-based, the substance is universal. And while the specific podcast I was interviewed on was geared toward men, the advice is for everyone.

The interview contains some of my best advice for those making a ruckus — ministers, writers, teachers, musicians, artists, spiritual leaders, etc.

Basically, the interview is for anyone committed to making a difference in the world — which includes you.

I’ve distilled the interview into four concise segments. Hit play on each segment and invest a few minutes. It could change your life and your impact.

Here’s the breakdown:

Part 1 covers trends in Christianity, superficial spirituality vs. the deeper Christian life, productivity hacks and distractions, the studio life vs. the industrial life, dealing with discouragement.

Part 2 covers the definition of success, knowing when to launch, the weight of experience, controversy, navigating through joy, life, and peace in your work, the meaning of courage.

Part 3 covers failure and reassurance, handling compliments and criticisms, how to reframe failure and learn from it, the necessity for investing in training, mentor/mentee relationships, a critical resource for authors, bloggers, creators.

Part 4 covers how to deal with criticism, the three types of critics, when you know it’s time to write a book, my favorite books in the catalog, the main pieces of advice for Christians who want to make an impact in the world, the revolutionary kingdom message, how to find a mentor.

GO HERE to listen to each segment. They’re all displayed on one page.

Now off to eat some eggs sprinkled with parsley and sage.

Until next Thursday,


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